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Bowspring Methode

Bowspring is a revolutionary system that can be added to any type of body movement.

Bowspring is a revolutionary system that can be added to any kind of body movement. Especially in everyday life, you can use the principles of Bowspring to maintain freedom, lightness and good mood in your body.


In Bowspring Yoga, the body is not worked with in a linear way - in one direction or pulling straight - but is stretched and pulsated holistically, radiantly from the centre outwards. In Bowspring, the body is not seen linearly, but 3-dimensionally - in its natural form.


The benefits of Bowspring are a freer feeling and more lightness in the body. One should also not forget the healing process in the joints, organs and the mind. Already the Roman poet Juvelnal said: In a healthy body lives a healthy mind. And that is exactly what Bowspring does - it heals!


Bowspring loosens the fasciae, which are closely connected to the nervous system. Releases or redirects body tension, heals and relaxes the mind too. When tension is released internally, it can be redirected and so more body tension can be activated externally. Thus the body heals the mind and vice versa.


Bowspring is a radial and even tone around the whole body.

One works with the double S curve of the spine, which is our spring, arc spring or shock absorber. This is why Bowspring makes you feel weightless - Antigravity Effect!


When we are in the radiant tone in the natural shape of the spine, our mood will also lift! Pulsing, rocking and bouncing have a positive effect on the nervous system. We also did this in our childhood because it was instinctive and gave pleasure. The body knows what has a healthy or healing effect. In addition, the movements produce happiness hormones, which is incredibly motivating!


With a Radiant Heart we become freer in the chest area, we create space for the higher, sublime feelings. The narrowness in the chest area disappears and we create a lot of space from the centre reaching outwards and upwards.


This helps us especially in everyday "trigger situations".

We can always rely on an immediate help that is in the chest. We only have to remember this and feel the wideness of going into the centre of the chest.

We get an upwelling feeling in the heart, which immediately eases the mind and does not cause it to "boil over". 

This helps us to stay calm in difficult situations, to take another deep breath and to keep a "cool mind".


After some practice, you can feel the effect of the Radiant Heart after a short time and you don't want to let go of it.


Radiant Heart makes the sun rise in your heart!

Jennifer Metzger

Faszien Training, Bowspring, Therapie, natural curve

In May 2016, I got to know the Bowspring Method at a workshop in Marbella.

After the beginner class, I felt the whole butt and thigh muscle for the first time in my life. The wideness of the chest gave me so much freedom, the shoulder girdle and the arms floated afterwards. I felt so light and elated that I couldn't stop smiling and enjoying myself.

This weekend has changed my life very positively.


After about 8 weeks of practising for 20 minutes a day, my hip pain suddenly disappeared! My joints feel better and better, also my thighs and buttocks become more toned, the skin starts to tighten. It's as if you feel a strong protective shell on the outside and the tissue on the inside is getting firmer and firmer. 


This is the whole body tone, it becomes more active, week after week. Dynamic and energy increases more and more!


Through the therapy training of the Bowpring Method, my massage style has changed.

I had previously studied with Dr. Schleip, the facial expert in Europe, and gained a lot of understanding about fascia, somatic and tensegrity.

Through Bowspring I was then able to put it into practice. The brilliant elaboration of the movements combined with the natural shape of the fascia gave me many more aha-moments and insight.


I was introduced to Wim Hof Breathing by my teacher John Friend and have been teaching it since 2018. It greatly enriches the movement system as it balances tension and releases negative tension after a practice and leaves the body feeling harmonious. Before a practice it can stimulate, unload and energise the fascia.


John has also been teaching me fascia therapy and massage since 2017.

The new knowledge of fascia, has influenced my massage style to focus more on the natural progression of fascia lines and spirals.

Fascia science, once again, turns many things on their head that we already know from conventional medicine.

Through which John Friend and many scientists have done and continue to do revolutionary field research in Dr. Schleip's area!


My teacher Desi Springer felt that the body is not made to be straight, in a line. We have natural curves in the body and should move them functionally and dynamically, like people sitting on the floor or animals.

As soon as you work with the curves, the back gets much more strength and tension. Back pain goes away, also the joints get much more space.


When healing begins in the mind, we need to know that our shadows come out and we sometimes feel uncomfortable. This is because negative energies are released that have been stored in the fascia for many years.

But we should always go back to Radiant Heart and cultivate it and let it grow. 

We will come to terms with our truth and ensure positive development. Coming deeper and deeper to ourselves to the core of our truth and desires.


My favourite phrase from Desi Springer on this topic:

"Truth comes before peace"


I am very grateful to the founders of Bowspring, Desi Springer and John Friend!





One reason for starting to practise yoga in 2001 was the hip pain that had accompanied me for 20 years of my life. I studied and practiced Hatha Yoga for 10 years, 4 of which I taught in Italy.


From 1999 - 2002 I studied Thai Massage in Thailand for 3 years and worked with many wise elderly people who were my teachers during that time. These soft yet deep movements have helped me a lot with pain relief and healing.


2002 - 2004 Wu Thai Chi and Chi Gong - Chan Dao Academy Regensburg approx. 200 hours. I am very grateful to Master Theo Schmidt for teaching me patience and humility. His words have often accompanied me in difficult situations.  


In 2011 I found Anusara Yoga and studied about 600 hours with different teachers. I would especially like to thank Barbra Noh for the excellent precision of alignment and technique that one learns in her classes! Piero Vivarelli I would like to thank for his deep spiritual practice that he shares with us in his classes.  


2014/2015 approx. 200 hours of Ashtanga Yoga with Michael Durant Schabort and Iyengar Yoga with Michael Forbes.


2016 - 2023 approx. 400 hours practiced and studied with Desi Springer and John Friend, Bowspring Method, Fascia Therapy and Fascia Massage.

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