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The Golden Apple:

Montag 19.00h - 20.15h  All Levels

Dienstag 07.15h - 08.30h  All Levels

Donnerstag 19.00h - 20.15h  All Levels

Lodenfreypark: Haus G - Eingang 19 - 

Osterwaldstraße 10 - 80805 München

Bitte melden sie sich zu jeder Stunde an!

Einzelstunde 15€, Studenten 12€

10er - Karte 140€, Studenten 100€

Probestunde 10€

Please bring your own equipment

Matten, Blöcke leihen 3€

Elements Fitness & Wellness:


Mittwoch 18.30h - 19.45h  All Levels

( als Hatha Yoga ausgeschrieben )


Mittwoch 20.00h - 21.00h

Bowspring Inspired Meditation

( als Meditation ausgeschrieben )


For me, bowspring was a great and happy making discovery.
The difference between before and after a bowspring lesson is enormous. 
After one of my first lessons I went down the stairs to the subway and felt as if I had metal jumping springs under my feet.
And even if the lesson was demanding i had perceptibly more energy than before.
The body feels like being rebuilt.
The feeling of all the attention in the body is great, like a suit of armor that protects, supports and facilitates every movement.


I'm really excitet about your yoga lessons. 
Especially with regards to my background as physiotherapist and practicing yoga for about approx 10 years (different yoga stiles).
I'm also enthusiastic about your lessons regarding my restrictions (3 operations on my colon).
In 'other' yoga lessons I often have problems and sometimes pain at my scar and or my abdominal muscels. After your lessons I feel completely different and I'm really well, no pain at all, more mobility of my torso but also in my hip joints.
Thanks so much